Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lost Nails.. :(

   So I was cleaning out my folders on my desktop and found some designs I had completely forgotten about! They aren't super old, just a few months late. Oh well. You're seeing them now, so that's all that matters, right?

   This first one was made back when I painted my watercolor ombre toes. I really liked how it looked so I made it into an Etsy set. I'm not sure why I didn't post about it when I wrote about my toes, but I didn't!

   You can find this set here in shop.  As usual, I have to offer some options. I currently have it to where you can order blue, pink, purple or grey/white. I think the blue is my favorite though. It all goes back to that love of the ocean...

   This next set was made right after my Elsa set. I have a ton of glitter sets in my shop, but after making the glitter tips for Elsa, I thought that would be a good addition to my glitter cache.

   You can find the set here in my shop. As of right now it's just available in this icy blue. There might be more color options later, you never know!

   I absolutely love this next set! It was a custom order from a few weeks back that just got lost in all my Disney craziness. It is super cute though, and I can't wait to put it in my shop.

   I didn't think I would like the roses at first, but I ended up really liking them. You can't look at them too closely, or else they look like a jumbled mess, but other than that I think they turned out pretty cute. They're pretty good at-a-distance-roses. So many of the roses I make that look halfway decent up close look like nothing but a red blob from far away. They're definitely something on my Picky-Sarah-To-Do List.

   This next set isn't technically lost. I painted it last week on my cousin! She wanted some pineapple nails so we found a couple cute designs and mashed them together. This isn't the best picture, but oh well.

   I really like this one! I think I'm going to eventually get it up in my shop. It would be a cute summer/beach set. It was inspired by this pin and this pin. It was a lot of fun to paint. Pineapples are pretty easy to make!

   That's all for tonight. I know I've gotten kind of irregular again, but the past two weeks have been kind of crazy between VBS, work, and entertaining my cousin! I should a have a new post soon though. I just painted my Tiana design on my fingers and I finally painted my toes again!
   Have an awesome week!

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