Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Turkish" Nails

   Sorry I haven't posted in forever! I've been super busy these past two weeks. I've been traveling some more, doing some design work for my church, and a billion other things. I didn't even have time to do anything more than put one color on my nails last week!
   Last week I was sitting in my room and I realized that I have a lot of dolls. Not a ridiculous amount, but a fair number. So I decided that I'm going to try and do a series based off of the dolls! I think it will be a good challenge for me; some of them are pretty easy to decide what to do, like this week's, but some of them will require some thought... So for this week I used a doll from American Girl's Girls of Many Lands collection. She is from 18th century Turkey (1720, I think). Her clothes are just gorgeous! Here are a couple pictures of her:

   Isn't she pretty?! For my nail design I mostly used the brocade as my inspiration. I pretty much just used Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold and Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Chocolate, with my usual base coat, Revlon Multi-Care Base + Top Coat. Here are some pictures:

   I tried to reproduce some of that faint gold design on the brocade, and it kind of worked. It's super hard to see though. In the second picture you can see it better than in the first, but the first has the more accurate color scheme. The dots on the other fingers were supposed to be the pearls that are in her hair, but white dots were super distracting, so I guess her white pearls were transformed to gold! :)

Hope you guys like it!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Medieval Nails

    I lied, yet again. In my last post I promised last week's nails almost a week ago, and I'm only just now getting to it... Maybe I should stop trying to make promises in the blogging world; nearly every time I do, I get ridiculously busy and everything happens at once! Oh well! I'm getting to it now, right?
   These past few weeks I must have just really been in a fashion mood, what with the two shoe nails, the chevron nails and the dress project. Last week I was cleaning out and reorganizing my pins on Pinterest and came across this awesome detail of a medieval dress in a painting! So of course, I had to paint it on my nails! Here is the pin:

   I wanted to do something with that awesome trim on the neckline (isn't
it amazing?!). I was going to put it on one side of my nails, but it looked kind of goofy, so I put the design down the middle instead! I wanted to make the base/background coat some sort of blue, so I used L'Oreal Club Prive. Then I made the wide stripe in the middle a creamy color (Stripe Rite Cream) and used Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold for the golden design. Here are the pictures of my nails!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random Updates

   No new nail stuff yet. I've been busy creating graphic designs and reorganizing impossibly stuffed cabinets. I'll probably have a new nail post for you guys tomorrow or Thursday. Or maybe later...

   As you might already know, I absolutely love period clothing! If you've been on my Pinterest page, you know that I have about a billion boards dedicated to it! I just love to look at it, and if I was allowed, I'd love to feel the fabrics too! I think mostly what I like about them is that they are so elegant and detailed. They are just the coolest things to look at! I also like to sometimes wonder about who wore them and what they did...
   In light of that, I have a new project I'm going to start! I don't know if any of you guys have seen some of the amazing works of Isabelle de Borchgrave, but she is amazing! She makes life-sized period dresses out of paper! She is absolutely amazing! Here are some examples of her work:

   I'm thinking about making something like it except on a much smaller scale. It would probably fit on a Barbie or something.  I'm planning on making a dress from the late 1860s. I was hoping to make on from the 1880s, but I think the 80s will be a little too complicated for my first paper dress. This is kind of what I'll be basing my dress design off of:

   I literally have no idea what I'm doing with this project... I have never done anything like this before! So it might look decent or it might be absolutely terrible! We'll find out!
   I also have no idea when this project will be completed, but I'll keep you guys posted!