Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Disney Princess Challenge #5: Rapunzel

   I was super excited for this week's design! Tangled is probably my favorite Disney princess movie. As with all my other princess designs, the bulk of the design is inspired by the character's clothing. I'm just a clothing freak; I can't help but really get into the costuming. For Rapunzel I also incorporated her painting of the "floating lights" and the lantern scene at the castle, since both are pretty iconic to the movie.

   The design on my purple fingers was taken from the detailing on her skirt. It's a really pretty design, I think. I started with a base of Nina Ultra Pro Plum of the Earth. Then I drew out the design with my white striper and another thin brush. Once that dried I painted over the white with either the light blue (Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Barracuda) or light purple (China Glaze Sweet Hook), depending on where it was wanted.

   To make the castle lantern scene, I did a ton of sponging, and was very grateful that I have small fingers so that details (and mistakes) are not easily seen. I painted a white base, and sponged on some light purple in the middle and a few shades of blue around the edges (more blue on the top than the bottom). Then I painted the castle in black with a small brush and sponged some purple mist on the middle of the castle, and purple water over the reflection to smudge it some. Then I painted the lanterns with yellow.

   The floating lights painting was a ton less stressful to paint! I started with a white base again, and then painted the green hills and dark green trees. I made the sky the same way as my watercolor ombre design with several shades of blue. Then I painted Rapunzel and the lights.

   As with the other princesses, this set is available in my Etsy shop! I have an option for both accents, the castle lantern scene and the floating lights painting. You can find them here in my shop.

   I think that's all for now! I might have another design or two to show you all later; we'll see what I have time for. (This week is kind of hectic.) Next up is Tiana! I really liked The Princess and the Frog, it was a pretty good movie. Although, I must say, I could not have watched it as a child - all those voodoo songs would have given me nightmares!

   I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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