Sunday, May 25, 2014

Faux Watercolor

   I have a new design on my toes, and this one is share-worthy (unlike my last one!). I was inspired by a tutorial from The Nailasaurus. It was super easy, and turned out a lot nicer than I thought! Now I can do two types of gradients! Sponged gradients are still a mystery to me though...

   It reminds me of the ocean. Its really made me want to go to the beach! I haven't been in ages and I miss it. After going at least once a year (if not more) during your childhood, you really miss it after not being able to go for almost three years.

   This was so easy to make! I thought I would need my polish thinner, but you really don't need it. It made it easier to use one slightly goopy polish, but this is definitely something anybody could do, as long as you have a smallish brush. I used the largest of my small brushes:

   It's the size 0 of my three Wistonia brushes.
   I only used three shades for this instead of 4 like in the tutorial. I didn't have three blues that went together well enough. I don't think you can really tell though.
   I also made this into an Etsy set! I have three colors available - blue, pink, and purple. I think the blue is still my favorite though, followed by purple, probably. I did have four colors for the pink and purple, so they're more like the tutorial in that sense.

   I don't have a link yet though, I'm going to be on vacation for a week so my shop is on hold - no one can purchase anything at the moment. So it would be silly to post a new listing when no one can see it! When I get back I'll post a picture of the full set and a link to the listing.

   I'll see you all in a week! Maybe sooner, who knows! I plan on painting my nails before the trip, but I'm not sure I'll have time. This is a hectic week!
   Have a wonderful week guys!

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