Friday, July 11, 2014

Disney Princess Challenge #6: Tiana

    First off, I know I've been super inactive the past few weeks. I've had tons of stuff to show you all, but I just haven't found the time to blog! :( While I'd love to blame it all on work, that's not completely fair. My work schedule has picked up again (hooray for more money!), so I haven't had as much free time and what little I do have is often spent cramming in Etsy orders. But it hasn't been all work, work, work. I just haven't made the time to blog like I had been doing. I'm hoping to become more regular again, but I might not until September.
    Speaking of September.... I am going to be taking part in a street festival! I'm going to have a booth and see how selling my fake nails works out. I'm super excited, but also a little nervous. I've never done anything like this, nor have I heard of nail people selling fake sets, only actually painting nails. It'll be a giant experiment. I'll have some more details soon.

   And on to nails. This is actually last week's design, but who's counting! Last week was Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. I based this one off of her green gown. I call it her transformation gown, this one -

   I based my design off of the "petals" on her skirt and the lily around her waist.

   I didn't really have the right colors at the time that I painted this on my fingers, so I did a lot of mixing. I added a ton of white to L'Oreal New Money and brushed it on for the base. Let me tell you, using a smallish brush to paint your whole nail is more than a little annoying. So greatful I don't have to do that all the time!

   To make the petals I mixed a fair amount of white to Revlon Parfumerie Balsam Fir. Then I outlined them with my white striper. I tried to not make it an exact outline, but I found out I'm not too great at that. Oh well.  I also painted a light glitter coat on top of the dark green mix.

   The lily is by far my favorite aspect of both her dress (except for maybe the petaled part on the bodice) and my design. I used my white striper to make the lily. Revlon Parfumerie Balsam Fir was used for the leaves. I thinned it out a bit to make the curly vines.  I used Revlon Colorstay Buttercup to put little yellow dots in the middle of the lily.

   As with the others, this is available in my Etsy shop! ...And, not surprisingly, I have many options. You can buy the original full dress design (petaled fingers and lily accent), as well as solid light green with accent or solid dark green with accent. Just in case you wanted something super simple. Or whatever.
   You can find the set(s) here in my shop!

   I have a couple more sets to show you all, but for now I'm done. It's late and I'm sleepy! (And I'm almost done with my book! And I have to finish it tonight, you know...) Hopefully I'll at least get in this week's Princess (Mulan) before I paint the new Princess (Jasmine)! I don't want to always be a week behind...

   At any rate, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! My friend and I are going to hang out tomorrow, so that'll be a bunch of fun. I'm super excited!

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