Thursday, June 5, 2014


   I know I keep putting it off, but I apparently really need a break from repainting my Etsy sets. I did make this design into an Etsy set, so I'm not exactly falling behind...

   I did sort of have Etsy in mind when I created this set. My black matte set is by far my most popular set, so I thought I'd make another matte design. Mostly though I made it because I thought it looked cute. It's really simple and you don't really notice it at first, but I like it!

   It was super easy to make. I painted my base color (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Coral) and then put a topcoat over it. After letting it dry for a while (I usually wait until the next day - I have horrible luck with tape - but I was feeling super confident with my quick-dry Seche Vite top coat ...and a little impatient!) I put on some tape and painted my matte top coat. I let it dry about halfway and then pulled off the tape. I discovered that the tape comes off the matte coat really weird and jagged if it dries all the way, which was really strange.

   The only downside to using tape instead of free handing the lines is that it isn't smooth. The corners of the diamonds are getting halfway caught on fabrics and rubbing really roughly on just about everything. I'm hoping it will wear down some, but I'm not sure it will. We'll just have to wait and see! I don't know how long this design will last on me. It will be a race to see if it chips of at work first or if I take it off because of its roughness first. I'm such a texture freak!

   As I mentioned, I also made this into an Etsy set. I couldn't really decide which color looked the best, so I have a few different color options available - pink (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Coral), yellow (Sally Hansen Salon Professional Butterscotch), green (Revlon Brilliant Strength Entice), and brown (Finger Paints Masterpiece of Minimalism).

   You can find the set here.

   That's about all my news for now! My vacation this past week to Alabama was great! It was way too short, like most vacations. I was glad for the break, but I'm ready for work again. When you work practically everyday, it gets kind of weird not doing anything for longer than two days in row. :(

   Have a fabulous week!

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