Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Disney Princess Challenge #4: Merida

   This week's Princess is Merida from Brave! I didn't know exactly what I wanted to put in the design, but I knew I had to include her fiery hair. I eventually found a couple pictures of her clan plaid, so I decided to put that in the design as well.

   You can see her plaid pretty good in the first picture. I also thought the design on her bow was really neat, so I tried to tie that in as well. In my search I found this picture and I thought it was hilarious; that's totally a face I would get caught making - 

   Her hair was hard to figure out how to make, it's why I gave up and painted Pocahontas last week. I ended up painting an orange base (Sally Hansen Sun Kissed), then making squiggly lines with yellow (Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Butterscotch) and a dark orange (L'Oreal He Read My Mind).

   Making the plaid was complicated, but not as time consuming as I expected once I got the hang of it. I started with a base of dark green (Revlon Parfumiere Balsam Fir). Then I blocked off my nails with a white striper, filling in some squares to make a checker board of sorts. I painted some blue (Pure Ice Bikini), some red (Revlon Colorstay Velvet Rope). I outlined everything with a black striper, then painted white lines, going over them in yellow.

   I didn't like the hair all by itself, so I threw her bow and arrows over top to distract from the hair. I used a cream striper, and made the details on the bow with Nina Ultra Pro Beige-A Vu.

   I have this set in my Etsy. I added another option for a set with just plaid, in case someone doesn't want the bright orange or something. You know me, I always have to give some options. I can't help myself! You can find it here in my shop.

   Rapunzel is up next! I'm super excited for hers, Tangled is my favorite Disney princess movie. She's not my favorite princess (Belle is my favorite), but I loved the movie!
   I hope you guys have a great week!

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