Friday, April 3, 2015

Palm Trees

   I'm still in my tropical mood! I haven't shown you all my toes yet, but last weekend my fingers were very similar. Last Sunday was Palm Sunday, so I figured palm leaves would be a perfect way to keep my tropical mood alive and match the occasion. Sort of. It really happened kind of by accident! I had already planned to do the palm leaves. I'm not the best with keeping up with dates, so I didn't realize it was Palm Sunday until I had already painted my nails last Wednesday!

   To make this design, I started with a base of Revlon Colorstay Jungle. After that dried, I drew out the palm fronds with my white striper.

   Next I painted over the white with a light green. I used L'Oreal New Money. Next I painted on a bit of Studio M On the Field. I sort of dry brushed it on. I put a tiny bit of On the Field on the brush and spread it around as much as I could until I ran out. This makes it a bit more streaky.

   Hopefully I'll get my toes photographed soon so I can show you all them too!

   I hope you all have a great weekend and Easter!

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