Monday, March 9, 2015

Watermelon Seeds

   Two weeks ago I ordered some new polish from Spellbound Nails, a shop on Etsy. She has some really neat polishes, it was hard to choose which to buy first! I ended up getting Watermelon Seeds, a pretty pink polish with small black glitter, and Eat Me, a cream polish with multi-colored glitter that is part of her Alice In Wonderland collection.

  This is three coats of Watermelon seeds. You can get away with two coats, I just wanted to add a little more depth to the overlapping layers of glitter.
   I thought Watermelon Seeds was so cute! I like the color and the small glitter. So many polishes only use large or medium glitter, so it was nice to see a polish that only used small glitter.

   Quite predictably, I created a watermelon mani out of this polish. What with the name and the looks, I couldn't resist! For my design, I combined The Nailasaurus' tutorial with another design I found on Pinterest.

   For the watermelon shell (peel?) accent nail I started with a base of Revlon Parfumerie Balsam Fir. Then I drew on some squiggly lines using L'Oreal New Money. I finished it off by lightly sponging on New Money and then Balsam Fir.
   The other watermelon nails were made by painting on a line of white with a striper and then a thin line of New Money over top the white. I tried painting the green and then the white like in Nailasaurus' tutorial, but I could never get my striper to cooperate and make a thin enough line.

   I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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