Thursday, March 19, 2015

Orange Flowers

   About a year and a half ago I painted this set for a friend at church to wear on her trip to Hawaii. I've since had it up on my Etsy shop and though tit was about time I got around to painting it on my own fingers!

   It was originally an attempt at one-stroking some flowers. I ended up not being very  good at it, so it slowly morphed into this version, where all I did was paint some white petals and then paint a layer of orange over top (with it being thinner on the top and thicker in the middle of the flower).

   To make this set, I started with a base of Pure Ice Honey Do. It's a really old color that I've had for years (since I first started nail art almost 3 years ago!), so you might not be able to buy it anymore. To make the flowers I used Revlon Colorstay Sure Thing and Nina Ultra Pro Tangerine Dream. The dots and swirls were also made with Sure Thing.

   You can find it in my shop through the link at the top of the post.

   I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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