Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tribal Toes

    Here's another of the designs I told you about yesterday! I finally painted my toes again. I had broken one about halfway down at a diagonal. :(  After a wait that seemed like forever it finally grew out enough that I felt like I could paint it and it not look terrible.

   For this design I was inspired by a pin, like I often am. I found this one on Pinterest a few weeks ago.

    I really liked that she not only had your typical triangle like you often see, but that it had the smaller design inside it. And it isn't your usual design either.

   I mainly just copied the triangle, as you can see. I couldn't decide what color to use as my base, so in the end I just grabbed something. I ended up using Revlon Brilliant Strength Entice as the base. Then I used my white striper (Stripe Rite) to make the triangle, and my black striper to outline and create the inner design. As a last minute detail, I added Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold as an outline for the two larger triangles. I wan't quite satisfied with no outline, but again, I didn't have any great ideas for the color, nor was I sure I would have the space.

    Here's a close up if you want to see. I normally don't do this because feet always seem so private to many people, but this is such a detailed design I thought you all would forgive me. :) You can still see a little where my nail had broken. It's not completely grown back out, but it looks a ton better than it did!

   That's all for now. I'll have more news for you Tuesday or Wednesday, I think. I have a some commissions to do that should be finished by then!

   Have a great week!

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