Tuesday, March 25, 2014


   I painted one of my favorite subjects yesterday, and I'm sure you can guess what it is... Cats!! I could easily become a crazy cat lady if I let myself go. Maybe when I'm old and crazy I can finally fulfill my destiny. :)

   This is another in what I have dubbed the Recreate Sarah's Etsy Designs On Fingers Project, or RSEDFP. Like anyone would remember RSEDFP. :D You can find the original design here in my store.

   Aren't they cute? They look a little mischievous, I think. And I thought it only right to use my cat coat hook as my nail prop this time. :) The original idea came from a couple different pins, I think. I blogged about it several months ago when I made the Etsy set, and I think the inspiration was listed there.
   When I made these I used a bunch of different colors. I'm going to pull the lazy card and not list them all. If  you want to know what they were though, just ask me and I'll be glad to dig them out and tell you!

   Pardon the poor execution of this hand... It was painted by my left hand, as I'm sure you could guess. It turned out better than I thought though - I haven't made my left hand paint anything too crazy in several weeks. It's really not that bad, but the fat outlines just bother me to no end. I can't help it!
   These kitties are pretty easy to make. You just make a slightly pudgy stick with pointy ears, then you outline it (I used my handy dandy striper, like always). Next I sponge/dot on their bellies or faces, depending on what the cat is wanting (and yes, they do demand certain things!). Then I paint their faces - eyes first with a dotter, then the whiskers, nose, and mouth. You can paint their faces on first if you like, it really doesn't matter.

   In other news, I've been a busy crafter this week! I've made a sleeve for my laptop (it's all but done, I just need to attach the velcro!), a coin purse (which needs some help...), an infinity scarf, and a blanket for my friend! Just because I can, I'm going to show them off to you guys.

   Here's the laptop sleeve. It's predictably made with a cat fabric. And, of course, the buttons had to be little fishies!

   The scarf. I'm pretty proud of it. It's cute and I'm actually being trendy for once! (This will probably never happen again.)

   And the blanket. I made one for myself several months ago (I got it super cheap! $15 for 2.5 yards of 2 fleeces - everything was on sale and I had my employee discount on top of it). My friend loves horses so I promised to make her a horse blanket like mine. I finally found some good horse fleece last week! Her's was pretty cheap too, although not as good a deal as mine - her's was $27.

   My blanket is.... cat fleece! I bet you guessed! I have this theme going on in this post it seems....

   Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the coin purse yet. It has some problems... I might or might not have made it a little bit too small for the sew-in latch...

   That's all my news for now! I have some more earrings to show you guys, but I keep forgetting to blog about them... I'll get around to it eventually!

   Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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