Sunday, March 23, 2014


   I had the privilege of working with a wonderful lady on some custom orders last week! She was tons of fun to work with and found some of the cutest designs! I made 3 sets for her:

   The plaid is a little wonky, but I actually like it that way. It's more pronounced in the picture, but in person it really looks pretty nice. I used Finger Paints Paper Mache for the white and Finger Paints Paint Me Happy for the pink.

   This one was fun to make! It's just your average daisy design, but it looks really nice and sophisticated. I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out for the black. The white was Finger Paints Paper Mache again, and Covergirl Outlast Lemon Drop for yellow.
   To make the daisies I basically made a simple snowflake/star. I painted a vertical stripe, a horizontal stripe (making a plus sign), then I made the two final diagonal stripes (making an x on top of the +). Then I used my dotter to make the center.

   This design is my favorite! Dots and daisies look so cute together! Everything is pretty much the same as the black daisy design, I just used Pure Ice Bikini as the base instead of Black Out. I used the dotter for the dots, as usual.

   I've had an extremely busy weekend this time around; I worked all three days (Friday-Sunday) and we were packed! JoAnn's was running a pretty good coupon so every one had to rush in an buy stuff. All the rude people came Friday, so it ended up being a pretty crappy day. On the plus side, that meant that we didn't have to deal with any other rude people the rest of the weekend, which was nice.
   Luckily, I have the next two days off! It'll be a much needed break. I'm hoping to get a new set or two painted for my Etsy sometime in the next two days. I'm also working on making a blanket for one of my friends and trying to finish up various other unfinished projects (I have so many!), so we'll see if I get more than just my own nails done.

   That's all my news for tonight! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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