Monday, March 10, 2014

Minnie Mouse

   This has been a year for experiments! First I tried out a shop for embroidered cards. Turns out I don't have the card creativity gene. I liked making them, but I'm not good at coming up with phrases, designs and the like, so I've switched to embroidering fabrics instead! After that I started my accent and solid set line, which turned out to be a huge hit! At least half my sales now are solids, which I think is crazy! But, hey, they're paying me money, so I can't complain!
  This weekend I've been working on a new experiment - fabric button earrings! I just listed them in my Etsy yesterday. I only have four up for sale right now. I made seven, but I kept two and gave one to a friend. I'll probably put around 4 more up sometime this week or next. Here's what I've made so far:

   You'll definitely have to make the picture bigger! Silly me thought that this would be a good way to show them all at once. I have the pink, orange, blue, and brown set in my store right now. You can find them here.

  In other news, here's my newest manicure! It's Minnie Mouse, which everyone who's seen it has noticed almost immediately. ...Everyone, that is, except my mom. Which is funny, because for a while (before I was born) we lived pretty close to Disney World and they'd take my brother there pretty often!

   I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Cherry Red as the base and white acrylic paint for the dots. For Minnie Mouse I used a black striper (I put the paint onto a plate and applied it with a dotter - I have no black acrylic paint and the striper's texture is easier to use than the regular polish). Then I used Cherry Red and the acrylic paint for the bow and outlined it with the striper.
   I think I might play around with making the ears slightly bigger and more noticeable when I make this set for my Etsy on fake nails.

  That's about it for this now! I'm hoping to have the Minnie Mouse set and maybe one more to put on Etsy, but I had a lot of orders this weekend so we'll see if I have time.
   Have a wonderful week guys!

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