Sunday, January 26, 2014

Purple Stripes, Purple Dots

   I made two different designs this week - one on my left on on my right. I started out with a tape block on my right hand. ...But it was late. And I was getting tired. So I painted some dots on my left hand to make it quick and easy.
  I also got some new supplies last week! I ordered some brushes, dotters, and tape from Wistonia. I really love them!

   The new things are the 3 brushes on the far left (with the interesting handles), the colorful dotters (they're double ended), and the tape farthest on the left. If you care to see more of them, you can find the brushes and dotters here, and the tape here.

  The taped color block was inspiration from a pin that I found a while ago. I absolutely loved it, but I just never had the right supplies to make it happen. The tape that I got in the mail was the perfect color - holographic silver, so I was finally able to paint it! 

   The original pin used these pretty shades of teal. I really like purple though (it's tied with green for my favorite color). It was a little obnoxious getting the tape onto my nails. I ended up up wasting a lot of tape. :(   I really like the end result though! I hope to put up a set in my Etsy eventually, in at least purple, but I was thinking maybe blue and pink too. Maybe. We'll see! My to do list for Etsy is sooo long and is always growing!

   This is my left hand! It's getting almost common - two posts in two weeks! As I mentioned earlier, this was an unplanned design. I was looking for something easy late at night, and this is what came up with! I wanted to use my new dotters, so what better to do than make dots!

   I also have a really old design (well, not super old, it's only from Christmas) to show you guys too. I painted a sweater design on my friends nails a week or so after Christmas.

   I painted a similar design two years ago on my toes for Christmas. It was a lot more difficult on finger nails instead of toe nails.  I think it turned out pretty well!

   That's about all the news for now! I'm only just now watching the new season of Sherlock, so I'm kind of distracted! :)

   I hope you guys have a wonderful week!


   So I was obviously severely distracted by Sherlock last night... (It was a fantastic episode!!) I should've just waited to type this until today! Blogging in the middle of Sherlock was obviously not one of my best ideas. This ended up being a super brief post! I went back through the post this morning and fixed all of my typos. Sorry guys! :)
   The one tidbit of opinion I left out that I really wanted to put in was about the tape. It looks fantastic, but if you knock your nails around a lot don't expect it to stay on for more that 3-4 days. It started peeling off my nails around day two and half or so. I'm really bad about knocking my nails around a lot at work, so it probably would have lasted a lot longer otherwise. Other than that and the application (which I'm pretty sure was at least partly due to my being impatient and not letting the polish dry quite long enough), the tape is really great!

Have a good rest of the week!

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