Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Birds and Stripes

   It's been a while since my last update. I kept my last design on so much longer than usual because I had quite a few orders, and they were all on different days, so I couldn't do it all at once like I usually do! But I eventually got around to it.
   After a very long break, I finally got around to painting my toenails again. I think the last time I painted them was back in October, or something ridiculous like that. Back at Christmastime I painted the ornaments on my fingers. I had been debating back and forth between two designs before I painted them - ornaments and birds. I had kind of forgotten about the birds until earlier this week.

   I got my inspiration from a few different pins, all with the same basic idea, birds in a winter scene of some sort. I used Pure Ice Bikini as the base, and then a mix of acrylic paints and polishes for the birds and evergreen branches. I think it was brown and green acrylic paints for the branches, and Nina Ultra Pro Tangerine, black, grey, and white paints for the bird. White acrylic paint for the snowflakes.

  On my fingers I painted some chevron stripes. I got my inspiration from a knit sweater I saw online.

   I really liked how it turned out! I used acrylic paints instead of polish, so it was a little easier to paint thin lines (in my opinion, anyway). The base was a new polish I got a few days ago, Revlon Brilliant Strength Entice. I got it thinking it would be a close match to a polish that I ran out of (it's no longer made), but it turned out not being as close as I had thought. Oh well, it's still a pretty color! I used one of my new Wistonia brushes to make the stripes.

   That's pretty much all the news I have. I thought I would have some new sets for Etsy to show you guys, but I was majorly distracted this week by some fun new projects. You'll probably hear something about them later, once they're complete.

   I hope you all have a great week! Stay warm, to those of you who are like me and stuck in this freezing snowy weather!

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