Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Photography!!

   As I mentioned in my last post, all of that talk about fall and photography really made me want to show you guys my recent pictures! No nails in this post, sorry... Just fall photography overload! I'll try not to get too carried away...

   Sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers. When I was younger my dad used o always plant a few in his vegetable garden. I was always so fascinated by how tall they grew and how big the flower was! We haven't had any for years (they yard at our new house was a mess and need a ton of help to make it flower-ready), but we were finally able to grow one this year!

   Last month I discovered these teeny tiny webs all over our front yard. I'm sure they're there all the time, but I never noticed them until I started taking our dog on his morning walk and saw the sun shining off of the dew drops. They were so small and fascinating!

   I had never noticed that goldenrods are pretty. I'm fairly allergic to them, so I had always steered clear of them. They grow all over the hill in my backyard, so I finally decided to take a few pictures of them and see what they really look like. I payed for it the next two days, but I learned that they are much prettier than the yellow blob I used to always see them as.

   Joe Pye weeds are very photogenic in the early fall when they are just beginning to bloom and the late afternoon sun in shining on them. I had always thought them interesting, funny little flowers, but they can actually be beautiful. this is probably one of my favorite shots I've ever taken. That says a lot, because I have taken a ton of pictures!

   My mom bought some chrysanthemums last month, and she sure picked out some pretty ones! I even think the pinks are pretty, and I'm not too fond of pink. Let's just say that the late afternoon light really looks good on them too.

   I think these used to be asters when they were blooming, but I honestly don't remember. I had never really thought much about flowers and things after they were dead until I got my camera. Then I realized that they can still be at least interesting, if not sometimes still beautiful. You might still think it looks like an ugly dead thing, which is fine. I like it though!

   Let me just say that this spider has mastered camouflage. I found him yesterday morning by accident. I didn't run into his web, luckily; my dog did. I saw the spider running quickly away. Later I came back out to take some pictures of him and even though I knew exactly where he was, it took me a while to find him! Same thing this morning. I was very glad he wasn't out to get me, because I would have been dead.

   These are so pretty! They're one of those flowers that have so many tiny blooms on them that you kind of gloss over it all and think that it's a pretty flower, but not much else. At least I always did. The dew was out in full force this morning, so I was busy running around taking pictures of wet things. I decided to give these guys a chance. Dew really becomes them! They are really pretty!

   That's it for now. If you want to check out some more of my photos, you can go to my deviant art or my photography Etsy store. My deviant art has pretty much everything. My Etsy does not... Some things I just can't see someone wanting to hang on their wall. Like spiders. Or snake skins. Or mushrooms.

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