Friday, October 18, 2013

Dots and Feathers

  I don't really have a lot to show you guys today. I've got two designs, but they're both pretty simple. For the most part, anyway. I've actually had two designs on my fingers since I showed you all my leaf design, but they both were a little goofy looking. They didn't turn out at all like I wanted, and they were just slapped on so my nails weren't bare.
   For the last half of this week I've had a simple dot design on my nails. I like it for the most part, but it really only did like it was supposed to on one finger. I'm never good at purposefully random designs. Mine are either a mess or laid out and precise. I just can't do things like randomized dots. At least it doesn't seem like I can to me. Maybe that's just me being really picky again, who knows! Anyways, here's the design and you can judge for yourself.

   I've come to like it more each time I see it. It's a nice and easy (and quick!) manicure.

   I had a friend request some feather nails after she had seen them in one of my facebook albums.

    I hadn't made feather nails of any sort since I first tried them out a little over a year ago. I had been putting off posting them in my Etsy store because I was so apprehensive about it. When I did them on my own nails, I had to do touch ups every few days because a corner of the feather would try to peel off. They lasted a really long time (around two weeks or so), but I wasn't sure how customers would like having to put some clear polish on corners every now and then.

    And now that I've made some on fake nails, I'm even more worried! Apparently feathers don't like curved surfaces at all. My nails are fairly flat, but my fake nails are not. At all. It was such a chore getting those feathers to stick!
  I think over all they turned out pretty well. Feathers are just so cool on nails! I just really hope they last for her.

   That's about all of my updates for now! I'm off to do another quickie design on my fingers to last me until Monday or so when I put on my first Halloween design! I'm still undecided on whether or not I want to do owls or the cat first....

   Have a wonderful weekend!!

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