Thursday, May 30, 2013


   No nails today, just fun and exciting wedding stuff!!

   Here are some of the pictures I promised from the wedding last week! I think I should warn you - there are going to be a billion pictures in this post!
   As I mentioned about a week and a half ago in this post, this is from one of my best friend's wedding! The venue was absolutely gorgeous! It was in the backyard of one of the ladies from our church. Her yard and house are absolutely beautiful!

   Isn't that wonderful?! I would absolutely love to have a yard like that!
   Her decor was beautiful too! She didn't have much in the backyard (who needs to add anything to that?), but the reception was up the hill and her decorations were amazing! Here are a few of the pictures I took:

Lavender was her flower for her bouquet and everything else.
  These had wedding pictures from the older generations.

  This is a few of her table decorations! They were all so pretty!

Isn't this cool? She had a magnifying glass on one of the tables and I just had to take this picture!

Her cake platter! It's an old drawer - isn't that neat?!

Her guest book was one of my favorite things! She used a tall cage thing and had people sign in on tags and tie them to the cage! 

   Here are two of my favorite pictures of their rings! Her ring boxes were full of moss and were so pretty!

   And last but not least, here are some pictures of the lovely bride (and groom)!

Some pictures from before the ceremony

This is one of the first look pictures we took

Another from before the ceremony. Aren't they cute?!

The first kiss!! 

 Just after they were officially married!

   Hope you guys like it! It was a fun experience for me even though it was extremely nerve wracking!

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