Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hooray for Shoes!

   Apparently I really liked shoes two weeks ago or something. The design on my toes was inspired by some shoes too! I'm also apparently a big liar. In my last post I promised this post would be about a week ago, but I didn't post it. I really was going to post it, but I was down in Alabama for my cousin's graduation, and then my laptop battery decided it would die and threaten to burst into flames at any moment. Hooray for technology! :) Luckily my dad could fix it for way cheaper than Apple could!
   Anyways, as I mentioned earlier, my toe nails were inspired by shoes as well! The are a much more modern pair of shoes with a really cool design on the heel. I found them here on Pinterest.

   Aren't they cute?! If I wouldn't kill myself wearing heels that high and I had the money to waste, I'd buy them! : )

   For the toes, I had totally planned on providing a list of the polishes I used. But it's been so long and It's so late... (well, kind of. It's only 9:40pm, but I'm exhausted!) So we'll just skip that part for now. I might add it later, who knows. I can't promise anything though, I'm really good at forgetting things.... So onto pictures!

     There's only one picture for now. This weekend I added some more to make it a little lighter and somewhat more like the shoes. I really will upload more pictures tomorrow!!

Well I hope you enjoy! I'll try to put up some pictures from the wedding tomorrow too!

    As promised here are the other pictures! On one side I added a white outline and on the other is a gold outline, more like the shoe. I couldn't decided which I liked better at the time, but after staring at it for a few days, I decided I probably like the white the best. I think it lightens up the design some.

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