Saturday, May 18, 2013

Etsy Listing and Some Exciting News!

   Sorry for no posts in forever! I've been swamped with finals and moving all my junk back home and reorganizing, so I hadn't had time to do anything more than put one color on my nails!
   I've put up another listing on my Etsy store! I've got a new set of nails up for sale now! It's the same design I did a few weeks ago (the triangle manicure). They're only $10! You should go buy some from me! :P I have two color options (as you can tell); grey like the original design I made, and also a pretty blue!
   Here is a picture:

  I've also got some new designs on my toes and fingers! I don't have time to upload them yet though. I should be able to soon though! Here's a sneak peek of my fingers:

   As for my Exciting News: I'm taking pictures at my first wedding! I'm super excited and super nervous! My best friend, Ammie (the author of this blog) is getting married today and has employed me as her photographer! Luckily, I'm not alone; a lady from our church is taking some pictures too, which makes it a ton less stressful (especially since she's photographed weddings before!). It's an outdoor wedding in one of the most beautiful backyards/gardens I've ever seen. Seriously. It's amazing! If I could take you there I would! I'll have to post some pictures of it so you guys can see it for yourselves. We went to the rehearsal yesterday and took some pictures, so that made feel a lot better (I'm still nervous though!). :)

   Well, that's about all I have time for! I've got to go run around and get ready!

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