Monday, May 20, 2013

1920's Inspired Nails!

   And before you think it (ok, maybe after), this is not associated with any of the Gatsby hype. Sorry guys, but I'm not actually sure that I want to see the movie. The costuming looks great, but it kind of looks like it's a lot more... umm... (how do I say this delicately) adult? than I care to see. That's just what I think. We'll see. Maybe.
   ANYWAYS, here are the nails I promised the other day! I didn't have time to post yesterday like I had planned because I was running around trying to pack for a trip today and going to my cousin's graduation party.... this has been (and will continue to be!) a crazy couple of weeks!
   This design is based off of this awesome 1920's shoe I found on Pinterest! I'd love to tell you the site where the shoe originated from, but the link leads to a tumblr account that I didn't feel like rifling through! :( All I know is that it is awesome and from the 20's.

   Isn't it awesome?! I think it is... :) I tried to use the same colors, but my orange-y light brown didn't turn out quite right. Oh well. My pinks are a little different too. As I'm sure you can tell, I mainly used the design on the heel as my inspiration. Mostly because I couldn't see the toes design!

   Hope you liked it! This is probably one of my favorite designs so far.

   Here's my list of polishes:
         Nina Ultra Pro Tangerine Dream  the darker part of the flowers
         Stripe Rite Cream  the stripes, zig zags, and the bottom half of flowers
         Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear  Mint Sorbet  the leaves
         Finger Paints Sketchy Character bold thick stripes
         Revlon Multi Care Base+Top Coat  topcoat
         Folk Art Acrylic Paint Baby Pink  the top half of the flowers
     To make the lighter brown in the background I mixed:
             Finger Paints Sketchy Character
             Sally Hansen  Hard as Nails Sheer Vanilla
             I'm not sure about the proportions though, sorry!

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