Monday, April 8, 2013

Roses, Lavender, and Toes

 Weird title, I know... It makes sense, I promise! :)

 I just had to revisit that rose from last week's Easter nails, so here they are! I added a bit more to them because I saw this pin on Pinterest and really liked the dots. :) I put the purple-y blue dots on there and called it lavender! (It kind of works...) There's a difference in the two pictures (obviously! :P ). The top picture has the more accurate colors, but the second shows the details a bit better.

 And now for the second part of the title... Toes! These are something you won't see very often. I nearly always have a design on my toes, but I don't usually post them unless I really really like the design. Toes are just... well, weird. I don't really know why, they just are.
 Anyway, I'm not really sure what kind of design this is, but I like it!

 This is some more Pinterest inspiration (I love that site)! Pinterest is probably my one downfall with nail art. I rely too much (in my opinion, anyway) on 'inspiration' instead of my own creativity. I don't blatantly steal a design that someone else has created (usually, anyway; I think I might have once at the beginning), but I do take bits and pieces quite often. Maybe one week I'll just not look at Pinterest.... :P


Here's my list of polishes again!
       Covergirl Outlast Snow Storm
       Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Sheer Vanilla
       Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Cherry Red
       Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear  Mint Sorbet
       L. A. Colors Color Craze In A Flash
       L'Oreal Royalty Reinvented
       Nina Ultra Pro Tangerine Dream
       Revlon Multi-Care Base+Top Coat
       Essie Sugar Daddy
       Covergirl Outlast Snow Storm
       Stripe Rite Black
       Nina Ultra Pro Tangerine Dream
       Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear yellow
       Revlon Multi-Care Base+Top Coat