Friday, October 30, 2015

Review: Gold Decals

   I've gotten super behind on my reviewing (sorry Born Pretty!). With school, it seems there's always something else to do, be it new designs, clients, orders, or just life in general. I've finally gotten around to reviewing another item, which I think might have been sitting for at least two months, if not three. Oops!

   Born Pretty sent me a few things to review a while back, and this pretty set of water decals caught my eye. The gold/bronze colors are great for fall.

   Applying the decals was super easy, as always. If you just follow the directions that come with the decals you will have no problems! I trim the decal as close to the shape of my nail as possible before wetting and applying the decal. That way there is minimal 'clean-up' trimming once the decal is applied.

   The Consensus: These water decals are great! They don't slide around too much while being applied, and the last a long time, as long as you aren't too rough on them. The pattern is so neat too!

   For the rest of my nails, I used Finger Paints Plum Perspective.

  Have a fantastic week!

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