Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Antler Tree

   I recently made the mistake of looking at a Pier 1 catalog. I could easily waste so much money there. I love pretty dishes and furniture! They are definitely one of my biggest weaknesses. Especially dishes...

   I love this plate! I really like how the antlers are trees and have little birds on them. I thought it was so cute!

   I wasn't about to try and paint the actual deer, but I had to paint the rest. I started with my favorite cream base, China Glaze Oxygen. To make the antlers, I used a thinned out brown (Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Branch Out), and added a bit of highlighting with a lighter brown (OPI A-Piers To Be Tan).

  To make the birds, I started by drawing out their basic shapes with white acrylic paint. Then I painted their coats (color markings? feather patterns?) with whatever colors fit the breed I wanted. But I probably made up a breed or two... Who knows! I kind of just painted... But I do have a cardinal! And maybe some sort of chickadee?

   Then I painted some green leaves with a thinned out Revlon Colorstay Spanish Moss. On my thumb, pinky, and right hand, I used Orly FX Starburst.

   Have a great weekend!

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