Sunday, September 1, 2013

Doll Nail Art Challenge: #5

   Hooray for new nails! I really like this one, for multiple reasons. It was super easy, so that's always great. And the doll is from early 18th century France! The clothing from the 18th century was one of my first loves and was what got me addicted to historical fashion! The opulence and extravagance of that era always astounds me, but it's so pretty! I probably would have never been able to afford any of it if I had lived back then... But hey, I get to look at it all now, so I'm happy!

   Isn't her outfit gorgeous?! I'm such a sucker for pretty clothes.... Especially old ones! :)
   I drew my inspiration from her bodice, mainly from her stomacher. That flower pattern was just irresistible! And it was super easy to recreate, which is always a bonus. The picture of my nails is kind of terrible... The lighting has not been great lately; it's been super overcast. I'll try to get a better picture and upload it for you guys. No promises though, because work at JoAnn Fabrics is brutal on my nails. I'm always knocking them on thing when I'm reaching for scissors or putting away fabrics! :( Overall though, it's a pretty good job and I like it so far.

   That's about all for now. I should be back sometime next week with a new design. I'm not sure when because I work a lot this next weekend, so it might be close to two weeks before I'm back.
   Have a good week in the meantime guys!

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