Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

I am a huge fan of Alice! I probably like the book the best, but some of the movies are good too! I absolutely had to do some Alice-themed nails, so here they are! I tried to base them more off the original illustrations rather than any of the movies.

It was so hard to decide which drawings to make! I eventually decided on what you see in the pictures (obviously!). :) For my right hand I painted Alice's dress and stockings, the talking flowers (specifically the Tiger Lily), the Caterpillar and his colorful clouds of hooka smoke, the painted roses, and the Mad Hatter's hat. Then on the left I painted the Cheshire after he's mostly disappeared, the Queen of Hearts' crown, the White Rabbit's checked waistcoat and pocket watch, the Red Queen's Crown, and the Queen of Hearts' royal livery (as seen on the White Rabbit).
(For those of you that don't know, the Red Queen is from the second part of the book, Through the Looking Glass. She is the chess Queen that gives Alice the most advice).

I tried to keep the images true to the illustrations, but it's hard! I'm pretty happy with the designs though! I hope you guys like them! The Caterpillar and his hooka smoke is probably my favorite because it's so colorful!

I used a billion different polishes, so I'll just list them here at the end instead of with the actual designs.
       Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Blue Me Away
       Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Cherry Red
       Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Sun Kissed
       Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Mellow Yellow
       Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Copper Glamour
       Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Spark
       Sally Girl Pink (EH2901)  
       Sinful Colors Professional Snow Me White
       Finger Paints Sketch N Etch
       Finger Paints Sketchy Character
       China Glaze Recycle
       Pure Ice Splash
       L.A. Colors Art Deco Bright Pink (7090)
       Stripe Rite White
       Stripe Rite Black
       Maybelline Color Show Fierce N Tangy
       Maybelline Color Show Go Go Green
       L. A. Colors Color Craze UK Blue (7288)
       Orly Watch It Glitter
       Revlon Multi-Care Base+Top Coat
       Folk Art Acrylic Paint Baby Pink

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