Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flower Water Transfer Review

   I promise I haven't died, I've just been busy! Who knew being home would be busier than being at school?! ...And I probably have more distractions here at home. Which is probably the real reason for me not having posted in what feels like almost a month. I have been painting, just not posting... So I have lots of updates!

   I'm going to start with my current set, and then work my way backwards throughout the week. I have a lot of partial posts to sort through. Apparently I had some good intentions, but a short attention span!

   This week I have a review from my bag of goodies from Born Pretty. I've posted one review from the most recent trio, some pretty triangle studs. This week I have some water transfers to show you guys. They are #BLE2109.

   I really liked them, the picture was really pretty! Like the last water transfer I reviewed, they were really easy to apply. The main difference with this decal is that it was all one big picture, not 12 different little pictures, so you have to choose your favorite few spots and do your best to estimate your nail sizes.
   Like the last set, they are still a little slippery, but not as bad. I'm not sure if I did something different or if they were made slightly different. Or maybe I was prepared for it this time. Who knows!
    The only real complaint I have is about the more yellow nail. For some reason it cracked a bit:

   I'm not sure why it did that, none of the other transfers (this set or the last) showed any inclination to do so. It might have been something I did, I couldn't get this one to stay in the right spot so I might have nudged it a little too much or something once I put on my topcoat.

   Overall, I think they are great! You can use coupon code AIBW10 to get 10% off your order at Born Pretty Store!

   The polish I have on the rest of my fingers is a new polish that is quickly becoming a favorite! It's Essie Carry On, a deep purple-y red that's really pretty. I bought it a few weeks ago on impulse and I'm so glad I did! I have on three coats in the picture.

   More updates to come as I sort through everything.
   I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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