Monday, September 15, 2014

Blue Triangles

   This week was inspired by a pin on Pinterest. I deviated slightly, but I think it works better for how I used the design.

   I started with my favorite base, Orly French Manicure Softest White. I love that color!

  To make the triangles, I started with the furthest out color, grey, so I could see the size of the triangle. I used China Glaze Pelican Grey. Then I continued down from the top with blue, Revlon Colorstay Indigo Night, and then turquoise, Flower Good Bud-dy. Next I mixed L'Oreal New Money and Flower Good Bud-dy to get a more inbetween color. For the second to last color I mixed L'Oreal New Money and Revlon Colorstay Buttercup to get a yellow-y green. Then for the innermost triangle I used Buttercup.

   To make the dots I used Finger Paints Paper Mache and a small dotter. Then I sealed it all with my Seche Vite top coat.

   I'm not sure whether or not I want to put it in Etsy. We'll see. Right now I'm focusing on making some new fall sets. Speaking of which, I think I've made some cute ones! I'm super excited to show them to you guys.

   I hope you all have a great week!

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