Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Few More Designs

   I didn't want to make my last post super long, so here are a few more designs I made. One design is actually fairly recent! We'll see how long that lasts...
   I did actually have something on my nails each week, they were just all quickie things that I slapped on so my nails weren't bare. One of them I ended up really liking!

   I had this glitter that I bought super cheap that I hadn't really found a good use for yet. I really like it paired with this China Glaze Recycle. (The glitter is China Glaze Scattered and Tattered. I'm not sure you can buy it any more though, because I bought it clearanced.) The only problem was that the glitter never came off! Whenever I was ready to take it off, everything came off but the glitter! It was crazy! I have no idea why... I even tried soaking it in the nail polish remover and it wouldn't come off. But it does look pretty!

   More recently, I recreated a design I have in my Etsy store. My goal is to paint all of the designs I have in my Esty on my nails so that there is a picture of the nails they will receive, what the design will look like on nails/hands, and then the sizing chart. My progress is super slow though. I keep getting distracted by other cool designs I see/think up!

   I really like my recreation. It's not a lot different (you can see the original here in my store). I really do try to keep it the same as the original listing for obvious reasons, but sometimes I just can't resist a small improvement. In this case, the improvement was on my thumb. I really liked the addition of the thinner lines and smaller dots. If I had thought of it sooner, I would have incorporated into at least two more of my nails. 

   I drew my inspiration somewhat from Mondrian. Ok, it was very inspired by him; somewhat reluctantly, but definitely based off his artwork. I'm not a huge fan of modern art. I think it's a little silly... Sorry if you love it, but I just can't! I really have to work at not being bitter towards modern artists because they make so much money off of a line on a canvas or dots on a canvas or streaks that are supposedly a woman or some emotion; all because they have the right connections and come up with some explanation that doesn't make sense at all. Then I'm over here making art that actually makes sense, whether it's my photography, nail art, even some of my scribbles and no one knows or cares beyond myself and my family/friends. I know that's not an entirely true statement, but it's how I feel sometimes. Not that I want to be rich and famous, but it would be nice if us artists that actually make something recognizable get a little attention. </rant>
    Now I know, my rant is not completely accurate, but sometimes modern art just makes me mad and brings me down....

   ANYWAYS... I obviously liked Mondrian enough to make a nail design that I actually really really like.  And I'll leave it at that. :)

   I hope you all have a fantastic week and to my US readers, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm sure I won't be back in the blogging world before then...

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