Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Doll Nail Art Challenge #2

   A couple weeks ago, before all of the wedding stuff, I started a nail challenge for myself. It doesn't really have a name. I guess I should come up with one. But they're so hard! So it will probably forever be "that nail challenge/series about dolls." And I say challenge/series because I can't decide if it should be a challenge or a series! :)
   You might remember that the first design was based of the Turkish doll. This week my design is based off an Ethiopian doll! She's also from American Girl's Girls of Many Lands collection. She's from the mid-19th century (1849?). Her dress is simple, but very pretty.

   For my design I looked to her hems! And the rest of her dress. :) I did a combination of french tips and solid covering (I'm not sure what you would call it, other not-french-tips...). For the tips I copied a bit of the geometric design on her hemline. Than for my ring finger I made up a version of the design traveling down the middle of her dress.

    It didn't quite turn out as I had hoped. I had planned on having just the flower, but it looked so goofy and out of place! So I added in the red geometric design hoping it would make it fit better. It worked for the most part, but it's still not quite right. I think it's because the nail is nearly stark white next to somewhat darker colors, so it kind of sticks out. And not in a good way.  Oh well! It works good enough! :)

   You'll also have to pardon the state of my fingers; they're quite a bit more scuffed and warped than usual....  You'd never believe it, but I only painted these yesterday! And then I helped my dad paint a room in our house, so I scraped a bunch of polish off putting down painter's tape, and then what I didn't scrape off I got green paint on! My pinky was the worst on my right hand, so that's why you can't see it very well. You should be glad you can't see my left hand, though. It looks like my nails usually do near the end of the week!

   I start a job this week at a craft/fabric store (JoAnn Fabric and Crafts), so I'm super excited! I hope I won't be too tempted to spend my whole paycheck there!! :)

   Hope your week is wonderful!

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