Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review: Striping Tape Dispenser

   So this review has been a long time coming. I've used this striping tape dispenser many times since I received it, but I just never reviewed it...

   This is a nice little product. I know there are lots of DIY versions out there, using a normal tape dispenser or something similar. Which would be nice because you could have multiple tapes out at once. I would think that the tapes would move around and maybe become entangled that way though. With this dispenser, the tape won't move around. The dispenser is also small, so it easily fits with your nail art supplies without taking up too much space, even if you have several.

   My biggest beef is that it doesn't have a serrated edge like normal tape dispensers. This being the case, you have to use scissors or clippers to cut your tape. Which isn't really a big deal.

Pros: It's small. It's easy to take apart to replace the tape inside. It's easy to use.
Cons: It doesn't have a serrated edge.
Overall: I really like it and think it's worth the money.

   Most recently, I used it in making my Christmas Day design.

   I used the striping tape to make my Christmas tree. I don't have a picture of the process, but I cut off two pieces to make a triangle shape. Then I filled in the triangle with green and glitter polishes. When it was halfway dry, I pulled off the tape and added the gold stud.

   I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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