Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Medieval Nails

    I lied, yet again. In my last post I promised last week's nails almost a week ago, and I'm only just now getting to it... Maybe I should stop trying to make promises in the blogging world; nearly every time I do, I get ridiculously busy and everything happens at once! Oh well! I'm getting to it now, right?
   These past few weeks I must have just really been in a fashion mood, what with the two shoe nails, the chevron nails and the dress project. Last week I was cleaning out and reorganizing my pins on Pinterest and came across this awesome detail of a medieval dress in a painting! So of course, I had to paint it on my nails! Here is the pin:

   I wanted to do something with that awesome trim on the neckline (isn't
it amazing?!). I was going to put it on one side of my nails, but it looked kind of goofy, so I put the design down the middle instead! I wanted to make the base/background coat some sort of blue, so I used L'Oreal Club Prive. Then I made the wide stripe in the middle a creamy color (Stripe Rite Cream) and used Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold for the golden design. Here are the pictures of my nails!

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